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Who is the Angel Guy?

Claude Lallier a.k.a. "The Angel Guy" was born and raised in Kapuskasing, ON.

Claude worked most of his life in the local pulp and paper mill, driving the log runs, labouring in the sawmill, acting as foreman or working anywhere they needed him most. He was an avid hunter who loved being in nature, spending the summer at the cottage and riding his Harley.

In August of 2009, his whole life was flipped upside down as well as his families' lives. Claude was involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident about 10 km east of Hearst, ON. It was deemed a fatal accident by the OPP, as no one believed he would survive such a horrific crash on Highway 11.  Thankfully after much consideration the local hospital flew Claude to St-Micheal's Hospital in Toronto. Having suffered many injuries including 3 brain lesions, over 15 fractures (basal skull, orbital, clavicle, wrists, ect...) and road rash just about everywhere...Claude was miraculously discharged after only 8 days. He had a long road to recovery ahead of him but with the support of his loving wife, his daughters and his many therapists, Claude was able to rebuild his "new normal" life.

One thing was for sure, Claude before the accident and Claude after the accident was not the same person. He tastes changed, his personality changed, his attitude changed...he was a brand new person.

This brand new Claude had a mission, he was given a choice. He could cross over or he could come back to earth. However, if he did choose to come back, he would be given a task, he would receive the gift of healing by channelling angel energy and he needed to use it.