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Spiritual Helpers

During your healing session, The Angel Guy is never alone to work on your energy field, he accesses the Angelic Kingdom to invite any and all of the Archangels that would benefit you the most at this point on your life's journey. Beings from a higher realm lend their assistance;​ by either channelling through The Angel Guy or working beside him. Sometimes, spirits or guides come into the session to communicate with you, directly or through The Angel Guy. At least two Archangels participate in each session to assist in the healing and sometimes up to five Archangels are present. Beings of Light are also called in to assist in your treatment, they exist in the higher dimensions and their goal is to assist humanity. Some of the Beings of Light were once human, they have great love for us and its their main goal that we grow and learn as effortlessly and joyfully as possible. As high vibrating beings, they are here to make a difference, to lift our vibrations and serve mankind. One of the many ways they assist us is in healing through the human energy field. However, because we have free will, we must ask for help.

Spirit Guides & Spirit Animals

We all have Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals helping us during our life path. You can say they're our guardian angels, giving us strength and guidance in times of need and hardship. The Angel Guy will inform you of which Spirit Guide(s) or Animal helper(s) were present during your session and the reason they have chosen to come into your life path at this time.

Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Some clients report having past life experiences during their sessions. Some report sensing their loved ones around them or just knowing that they were there with them. Any of your loved ones, even your pets, who have passed to the spirit realm may choose to come into your healing session to either communicate with you directly or through The Angel Guy. These kindred spirits always come to communicate their love for us to help us during mourning to help us move on.